The JB Conspiracy at The Lounge Bar, Alton: Fri 22nd May


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    The JB Conspiracy at The Lounge Bar, Alton: Fri 22nd May

    Post by Lounge Bar on Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:36 pm

    The ska and party vibe of the weekend is being headlined by The JB Conspiracy because they are hands down one of the best musicians to bring a smile in the scene. Combined with one of the best discoveries of last year in the form of Twelve To Six, there is lots of dancing to be had. It would have been wonderful to combine with Mr. Kamikaze, but that's not possible logistically so we have the next best thing and Rich is doing an acoustic set of some of the best songs regularly blasted through our PA. Opening is Skaraman, a set that is long overdue at the venue as we've always enjoyed the music beforehand. In short, this is all a wonderful idea and you'll want to attend.

    Bands playing are:

    The JB Conspiracy
    Ska / Reggae / Rock / Punk

    Twelve To Six
    Alton Ska Punk

    Rich Bushby (acoustic set of Mr. Kamikaze)


    The venue is:

    The Lounge Bar
    Amery St
    GU34 1HN

    Doors are 7.30pm, £5/6 entry

    For more info please visit: Facebook event

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