BOTB Heat 5 at The Lounge Bar, Alton: Fri 16th Mar


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    BOTB Heat 5 at The Lounge Bar, Alton: Fri 16th Mar

    Post by Lounge Bar on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:43 pm

    Battle Of The Bands Season is here! There will be one winner from this heat who will play in the final on 23rd March and is GUARANTEED a prize so the heat is on!

    The theme this year is helping bands, more info on all prizes and services here:

    For those new to the system, this is how our Battle Of The Band competitions work:

    Every band has the same length set time, the first band will be on at 7.30pm. The order on the night is RANDOM to ensure that people get down early and see every band to make an informed decision. The bands all play and independent judges choose the top three bands from the five competing. Fans in the venue then physically move to a part of the room to vote ensuring that no one can cheat.

    Bands competing in this heat are:

    Be On The Void

    Chapter Eleven

    Dave Hall and Jake Archer


    The venue can be found here:

    The Lounge Bar,
    Amery St,
    GU34 1HN

    Doors are 7pm, entry is £3/4.

    Get involved!

    Event info here:

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